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Combine elegance and technicity for an exceptional comfort!

SoftAir Plus fiber engineering grants you all the comfort your feet need!


Composed of : 100% polyester.

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Technical socks in SoftAir Plus fiber, for a great comfort !



SoftAir Plus is a fibre which enables to drain humidity away in order to ease evaporation process, and faster than other natural or synthetic fibre. SoftAir Plus keep body dry, increasing comfort and performance even in extreme conditions.



SoftAir Plus is a smart fibre. Depending on cold or hot conditions, this fibre adapt its properties.

* In hot conditions or high physical performance, this fibre act as a heat exchanger by expelling heat out and absorbing coolness in.

* In cold conditions or low physical performance, SoftAir Plus fibre works as a thermal isolation, keeping heat stable and avoiding body heat loss.



SoftAir Plus is an elastic fibre which ensures a great comfort, freedom of movement and body curve adaptibility.



Especially adapted to horse riding, terry loop reinforcements have been added at point rests (floor and branches of stirrup); contact areas of spur, stirrup leathers and horse’s flanks. Anti-pleat tightenings at calf and foot.


Composed of : 100% polyester.

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